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The mission of DataLook is to encourage and simplify the replication of data-driven projects for social good. How can we live up to our mission? One of the things we are having in mind is to identify and structure important project attributes. You can call the result of this exercise “framework”, “meta model”, “blueprint” or “template”. Right now we are going with replication framework.

How would such a framework look like? First of all, we need to have a very good understanding of how these projects operate and then how the replication of these project will workSince our small team does not have the capacity to replicate a lot of projects, we decided to launch the #openimpact replication marathon. We want to motivate you to replicate projects, we will accompany you on the journey and learn how to build a great replication framework on the way.

It’s an iterative approach. The first version — our “Minimum Viable Product” — is very simple. We are describing shortlisted projects here on the blog (e.g., Link SF). In each article you will find a list of project attributes we think are important to know for someone who is interested in replicating the project. We grouped the attributes into three categories: “Story”, “Tech”, and “Replication”.

Let’s see how this works. Maybe we can eventually come up with something that really helps people to understand a project and how it can be replicated. Just like the Business Model Canvas helps people to understand how a business idea works.

Do you like the idea? What would you change for V2.0 of the replication framework? We are grateful to hear your suggestions and comments (Twitter | SlackEmail).


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