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DataLook is a directory of reusable data-driven projects for social good. Join our replication marathon and bring a project to your city.

The challenge? Replicate one of those projects

Food Inspection Forecasting

Predicts food establishments most at risk for the types of violations most likely to spread food-borne illness. more

Predictive Analytics Open Source Open Data


Allows citizens to report, view, or discuss local problems. more

Open Source Open Data  Web App


Searches tweets related to food poisoning and directs the possible victims to a 311-service form. more

Predictive Analytics Open Source Open Data


Connects homeless and low-income residents with critical and life-saving resources nearby. more

Open Source Web App

DC Action for Children

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 22.24.59
Maps child-wellbeing based on publicly available data. more

Open Source Open Data  Web App

Food Rescue Vermont

Helps reducing food waste through donation and composting resources.   more

Open Source Web App

Cycle Philly

Records bicycle trips and provides data to regional transportation planners to make Philly a better place to ride.  more

Open Source Mobile App


Allows citizens to claim responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfall. more

Open Source Web App

Cute Pets Twitter Bot

Cute Pets Denver
Twitter bot for animal shelters that increases the likelihood that potential adopters find adoptable animals. more

Open Source Open Data  Web App


Allows citizens to subscribe to new legislation, to contextualize legislation and evaluate legislation. more

Open Source Open Data  Web App

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Why this #openimpact marathon?

These projects just deserve it. They are innovative and they make sense. They are beacons for anyone who cares about using data for the greater good. Why until August 31st? We have a deadline for presenting the results of the marathon to a jury of a TEDx competition. more