#openimpact — Project Shortlist

Out of the 250+ projects we have been collecting on datalook.io over the past year, we have curated a shortlist of the most impressive reusable data-driven projects for social good. Help us to maximize replications during the #openimpact marathon until August 31st, 2015.

The project shortlist

Predictive Analytics Open Source Open Data Web App Mobile App
magic_ball github open_data icon_website smartphone_app

Food Inspection Forecasting

Predicts food establishments most at risk for the types of violations most likely to spread food-borne illness

magic_ball githubopen_data

FixMyStreet Platform

Allows citizens to report, view, or discuss local problems

github open_data icon_website


Searches tweets related to food poisoning and directs the possible victims to a 311-service form

magic_ball github open_data


Connects homeless and low-income residents with critical and life-saving resources nearby

github icon_website

DC Action for Children

Maps child-wellbeing based on publicly available data

github open_data  icon_website

Food Rescue Vermont

Helps reducing food waste through donation and composting resources

github icon_website

Cycle Philly

Records bicycle trips and provides data to regional transportation planners to make Philly a better place to ride

github smartphone_app


Allows citizens to claim responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfall

github icon_website

Cute Pets Twitter Bot

Twitter bot for animal shelters that increases the likelihood that potential adopters find adoptable animals

github  open_data  icon_website


Allows citizens to subscribe to new legislation, to contextualize legislation and evaluate legislation

github open_data  icon_website

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