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(this is one of the projects of the #openimpact shortlist)

Link-SF is San Francisco’s first mobile-optimized website that connects homeless and low-income residents with critical and life-saving resources nearby. Focusing on basic services such as food, shelter, medical care, hygiene services, and technology access, Link-SF utilizes cutting-edge technology to stream the most up-to-date information to the people who need it most. Link-SF was designed with three user groups in mind: 1) A growing population of low-income San Franciscans who rely on mobile technology to meet their basic needs, 2) Service providers who can use the most real-time data to direct clients in need, and 3) Everyday people who can use this information as a way to help refer San Francisco’s homeless population to a social service agency nearby.


What does it do? Connects homeless and low-income residents with critical and life-saving resources nearby.
Outcome Homeless and low-income will have easier access to food and life-saving resources.
Project page link-sf.com
Organizations Tenderloin Technology LabZendesk, Inc.
Contact persons linksf@zendesk.com
Media mashable.comcnet.comwbur.org, fortune.com, vimeo.com



Source code github.com
Data used Homeless Advocacy Project Resource Manual
Data generated No
Tech stack JavaScript (Backbone.js), Parse



Replications None so far
License Apache License
Maintenance costs/month tbd
First steps 1. Collect the data or get a dataset
2. Fork code
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