#openimpact FAQ

What’s #openimpact?
What are these shortlisted projects about?
Why do I need to replicate already open source projects ?
Who is behind DataLook?
Is there a strict deadline for the 31st August? What happens next?
Is it free to participate?
Am I on my own?
Why/What’s Slack?
Can we participate as team?
Do I have to use the same tech stack to replicate the project as the one used to build it?
Can I use paid tools/softwares to replicate the projects?
Do I have IP rights for the replicated projects? Does DataLook own the replicated project?
Is there an official entry? Or do people just visit Slack and start discussing a project?
Do you have any ideas on how to get started? Should I be taking the original project's code and just applying that to a different dataset?