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Source: dcactionforchildren.org

(this is one of the projects of the #openimpact shortlist)


What does it do? Visualizes neighborhood-level data on the well-being of children and families
Outcome Reveals trends impacting child and youth well-being and incites action by child advocates, policymakers, and citizens in general
Project page datatools.dcactionforchildren.org
Organizations DC Action for ChildrenDataKind
Contact persons Shana Bartley
Media datakind.orgdatakind.orgschoolofdata.orgyoutube.comdcist.comnationalequityatlas.org


Source code github.com
Data used Different neighborhood indicators (notes and sources here)
Data generated No
Tech stack HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby


Replications DataKind UK + North East Child Poverty Commission [original vizGithub repo, Hackpad, case studywriteup, blog post]
DataKind UK + Volition + Leeds Voluntary Action [writeup]
#HackforChange with Code for America + Kentucky Youth Advocates
License MIT License
Maintenance costs/month tbd
First steps 1. Read this article
2. Collect data
3. Fork the code
4. Ideally find a local partner organization (like DC Action for Children)
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