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Councilmatic is a subscription service for city council legislative information. The web app allows users to support, oppose, and comment on a bill and discuss it with a wider community. Councilmatic provides email subscriptions to relevant legislations, provides information like the geographical areas mentioned, related legislation, and related information from around the internet.


What does it do? Allows citizens to subscribe to new legislation, to contextualize legislation and evaluate legislation.
Outcome Citizens will be more informed about new legislations.
Project page councilmatic.org
Organizations Code for America
Contact persons Mjumbe Poe
Media participatorypolitics.orgtechnical.lysunlightfoundation.com



Source code github.com
Data used Scraped from Philadelphia City Council's legislation site
Data generated Supports Open311 as a client and partly as a server API
Tech stack Django, Python



Replications ChicagoOaklandNew York CityPhiladelphia
License See here
Maintenance costs/month tbd
First steps 1. Check if your local council provides (scrapable) data on legislations
2. Fork the code
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